Crying a river of tears

We cry a river of tears for the loss of three beautiful girls in one day (23rd November 2022). To bring them home from the vets and lay them to rest in our garden was one of the hardest things we have ever done.


There are not enough adjectives to describe our 18 year old tabby and what a wonderful cat she was. Just perfect in every way. Rescued as a kitten in Brittany, she has shared and been such an enormous part of our lives. She walked beside us all the way, through all the changes, until these last few weeks, when she told us that she was ready to leave. Bronte, you will always be with us until we meet again. Irreplaceable.

Our darling Bronte


This amazing girl had suffered so much when we rescued her just over a year ago. She was in such a terrible condition when she arrived we thought that she had already died. But she responded to treatment and passed such a happy year with us, joining forces with Bronte in keeping the ‘youngsters’ in line. Her courage and tenacity was second to none. Poppet you have left a huge emptiness in our hearts and home that will be impossible to fill.

Brave and beautiful Poppet


You had a few short weeks of happiness and knowing what real love is. Rescued by Isabelle and only very recently taken on by Sylviane, our association foster mum, thank goodness she enjoyed comfort, a full tummy and lots of cuddles.

Sadly suffering from cancer of the tongue and glands, it was kinder not to let her suffer any longer. Vanille, such a gentle girl, you too will always be remembered.

Sweet gentle Vanille

Rest in peace

We picture this little trio, holding paws and tripping happily over the rainbow bridge together to meet their friends that are waiting. May you all rest peacefully in God’s heaven.

Our special thanks to our vet, Susanna, who brought such comfort and compassion throughout.