How you can help

To continue our work with abandoned cats and kittens we need your help.  Each one that arrives at our refuge needs our special care and nurturing.  They often arrive in a dreadful state, frightened and in a lot of pain. They cannot help themselves and depend on us being there for them. We would hate to be in a position where we could not continue to help them when they are so desperate.

​Your kind donation will help pay for food and veterinary expenses. For every kitten or cat saved and successfully re-homed in good health, it allows us to take in yet another. There is always another just waiting to be rescued. So in contributing to help us with one, you are in fact helping us save the lives of two. 

Thank you !

Chats de Chatillon uses Donorbox, a secure online software donations platform for credit/debit cards and Paypal.  Donorbox uses Stripe’s secure token mechanism . Card numbers are tokenised into an undecipherable string before the card is charged. Therefore Donorbox does not have any record of the donor’s card number in our database and logs meaning hackers can not obtain sensitive card or bank information.  Donorbox is PCI compliant under PCI Validation SAQ A and is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.