Poppet’s sad story

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It’s just heart-breaking – how could we say No, even though we are full to bursting at the refuge when we were called about this poor little girl? We are calling her POPPET, because that is what she is, a darling poppet. Just skin and bone, losing her fur and what fur she has left is dirty and matted. She dribbles constantly because her gums are so badly infected and her tongue is very enlarged and swollen.

But this 8 year old trusting puss is just full of love. She just adores a cuddle and purrs constantly. It makes us cry to see how forgiving she is to the humans that have neglected and abandoned her. If it was not for the lovely lady that contacted us who feeds and cares for a lot of the strays in town , she would have died in great discomfort. Tomorrow (06/08/2021) when she has rested I will bathe her once stunning Siamese coat, and her beauty will begin to shine through once more. We shall keep you updated on her progress.

Update : 10th August 2021

We took her back to the vet today and she has gained a little weight, which is good. Her constant dribbling has reduced slightly, and yesterday she enjoyed a herbal bath Afterwards everyone was telling her how lovely she smelled. Her chest is completely bare because of the constant dribbling, so we have been coating it with pure Aloe Vera solution. This has reduced the heat and is also promoting healing. The vet, on examining her mouth, has said that as well as severe gingivitis she has a growth under her tongue. This prevents her from lapping up any soft foods. She needs foods that she can throw to the back of her throat and swallow, not that rest in her mouth. Through trial and error she is managing 5/6 small meals a day, mainly very well shredded chicken breast.

She appears far more relaxed in her playpen in the living room, and enjoys watching what is going on. Poppet will return to the vet in approximately 2 weeks time, when we shall see if the growth is operable or not. If it cannot be removed in its entirety it will return with a vengeance, and we are determined that she will not be allowed to suffer.

We are optimistic for this beautiful girl who deserves to live and enjoy life in the future. We have already promised her that she will be a permanent resident and not put up for adoption. Here at Chats de Chatillon we have seen miracles happen before with some of our other cats and kittens, and we are praying hard for just one more.

Update : 30th August 2021

Just to keep you informed on Poppet’s health. She is doing well and eating more. Sadly the cancer is not removable, so she is on cortisone to try and shrink it. We are taking it one day at time. She is getting lots of quality time at the moment, and it’s wonderful to see her running around in the garden and playing with the other house cats.

Thank you so much to those of you who have sent us donations towards her care. We really need and appreciate your kindness and support.

Judy and Alan

Update : 13th November

She has been with us a few months now and still has her fortnightly visits to the vet to continue her treatment for the cancer growths in her mouth. The good news is that the inflammation has gone down and she is able to eat, eat, eat. 😹 She loves her meals and although she still dribbles a little, it is greatly reduced. We don’t know what her prognosis is, but she will have a life here for as long as she is happy and pain free.

We do wonder what her previous life was like. There’s a good possibility that she belonged to an elderly person, who loved her dearly and sadly passed on, leaving poor Poppet homeless and suffering physically and mentally. She is one of the many house cats we now have that are not available for adoption. Their history or long term illnesses means nobody want them, so we give them a permanent home here, where they receive all the medical attention and love they need.

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