VANILLA this poor little stray cat was lucky enough to be taken in by a very kind lady in Chatillon sur Thouet. She received medical attention and loving care until one of our foster families could have her.

Vanilla has chronic gingivitis and it is suspected that she may have carcinoma cells on her tongue. On Tuesday we will be taking her to see our vet for an update on her condition, and we will keep you informed.

Often the problem with our shelter taking in cats with chronic gingivitis is that they need monthly injections of antibiotics and cortisone for the rest of their lives. Very few people are prepared to offer them homes, so they end up staying with us long term. In stray and unvaccinated cats and kittens, both Calici virus and the feline herpes virus are involved. This is why you should always have your pets vaccinated when you get them.

We have a number of rescued cats who are now permanent additions and who have to visit the vet regularly. Even a small amount can help towards covering these ongoing costs. Thank you.