Adopt an older kitten or senior cat

We have lots of older kittens who are still searching for their forever families. Sometimes these older kitties are with us for a while because they get overlooked in favour of the tiny ones that come in. But there are lots of benefits to adopting an older kitten, especially if you have a busy family and work-life.

No surprise personality traits

Adopting an older kitten or cat means that what you see is what you get! They have already developed their personality, and we can share with you all their funny little tricks, and whether they are ‘chatty’, quiet or love to be cuddled. So there will be no surprise personality traits in the future to deal with. The loving, affection cat you meet in the cabins at Chats de Chatillon will be exactly the same when you take them home. They will just be so much happier and more content because they will feel loved and wanted.

Much less destructive

The younger kittens are much more likely to run round your house, knocking things over, chewing things up and scratching your furniture. They are also more likely to have a few toilet mishaps while they are learning to use the litter tray. Older kittens will be over the crazy baby stage and are much happier to sit and enjoy your company and a good fuss.

An adult cat, like Blankette, who has been abandoned and let down by people so many times, will spend its life being eternally grateful that you picked them. They’re desperate to be loved and thankful they’re not in a refuge anymore.

Play nicely with toddlers

Kittens are not recommended for children under five years of age because kittens have not learned to retract their claws, so they can accidentally scratch when they play. When a playful child won’t back off and leave a kitten alone, an older cat will climb high up to get away. But sometimes when a kitten gets over excited, they’ll bite, play attack, and wrestle.

Also, small kittens are fragile and may accidentally be hurt by a young child which is why the younger kittens are perfect for families with older, more responsible children.

Kittens that have a friend won’t be as destructive

Kittens aren’t kittens very long and when they are young they require constant supervision and are very energetic. Left unsupervised they may climb your curtains, chew on your plants and scratch at the furniture. Whereas older kittens and adult cats are much more laid back and calm.

Older kittens and cats have learned the lessons of youth and we think they are a better choice for busy families who don’t want the hassle of supervising a young cat for lengthy periods of time. Also with younger kittens it’s actually better to adopt two rather than one, because they will keep each other company and can be left alone longer. Kittens that have another kitten pal won’t be as destructive and get in as much trouble when they have each other to play with. But if having two isn’t a possibility, then we suggest you consider an older kitten or adult cat.

Lots of beautiful older kittens and cats to choose from

Just look at some of the adorable older kittens that we have here in the refuge just longing to be loved. If you are looking to adopt please consider them because otherwise we can’t take in any new kittens, or abandoned, or mistreated cats. You could be saving more than one life by adopting an older cat or kitten.