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Refuge for abandoned, homeless and ill-treated cats and kittens

Chatillon sur Thouet, near Parthenay (79200)

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Most of the cats and kittens brought into our cat refuge have been ill-treated and abused. They are often sick, pregnant, or injured. Many of the kittens have been abandoned in a ditch, or at the side of the road. Thrown out like trash, and left there to die. If they are lucky they are found and brought to Chats de Chatillon. We will hand-rear them until they are strong enough to feed themselves. And we also have some fantastic foster families who help out, by looking after them while they are waiting to be homed. Some animals are already too weak to survive, but at least they will have experienced love and kindness at Chats de Chatillon – even if it’s only for a short time. But how many of these precious creatures are never found, and never loved?

Our Mission

Our aim is to try and nurse them all back to health, restore their confidence, and rebuild their trust. We do everything we possibly can to ensure that they are happy and content. Then when the rehabilitation process is complete, we make every effort to find them kind, patient, gentle and loving owners.

Our mission is to find wonderful forever homes for all our abandoned and ill treated cats and kittens.

Our Supporters

Chats de Chatillon is a non-profit association and only continue to stay open because of the donations and adoption fees we receive. Regular events and sponsoring from local businesses, such as Delbards in Parthenay, Houral’s Food and LA PAUSE BISTRO in L’Absie, also helps. In addition to monetary donations from animal charities, like Ark 79, we also rely on gifts of cat food, cat litter, and bedding. And not forgetting our wonderful volunteers, who give up their free time every week to lend a helping hand.

Nothing makes us happier than receiving updates and photos from the proud, new owners. It brings us so much joy and makes everything worthwhile.

Judy Lewis, Chats de Chatillon Cat Refuge

Our Cattery

As well as the refuge, we have another enclosure which is solely used as a cattery. It is kept completely separate from the main refuge area, and is safe and secure. All donations received for looking after feline boarders go towards our monthly running costs. For more information, or to make a booking, please phone 06 85 63 55 94, or complete the contact form below.

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