Love me. Love My Teddy Bear

At Chats de Chatillon our kittens love their Teddy Bear.

And this year, to celebrate Teddy Bear Day on September 9th, we have taken a few photos of them in various poses with their favourite teddy.

Rolly loves Ted so much and insists that we take him with us to Delbard Parthenay on Fridays. He was telling Ted how much he wants to have his own family and a Teddy Bear to call his own. Rolly loves to play, cuddle and ‘chat’, but I think in the picture below he has having a laugh at own of Teddy’s best jokes. What do you think Big Ted said to make Rolly laugh so much?


Minty is one of our newest kittens. She arrived at the refuge recently with her Mum and 6 other kittens. Two of the kittens are a little bit older than the rest, so we think that Mum had adopted them before giving birth to her own litter. She didn’t have enough milk to feed them when she arrived. And some of her babies would not have survived much longer without help.

Here’s Minty at the refuge. Ted joined her and her brothers and sisters in their cabin, but Minty got most of his attention because she is just so cute.


This is Shadow. He is one of our lucky kittens and has already found his forever home. I’m sure Shadow has got all his own toys and a Teddy he can hug.

Shadow and Teddy Bear

Happy Teddy Bear Day

Everyone at Chats de Chatillon would like to wish you a very Happy Teddy Bear Day. Why not share some photos of your cats and kittens with their bears and other favourite toys?