Mixed emotions this week

It has certainly been a week of mixed emotions. Two kittens have been adopted and gone to wonderful new homes – Top Cat and Truffles. But there was also some sad news about one of our older cats.

TC has finally been adopted!

You will have seen lots of photos and stories about Top Cat or TC. He was brought to us aged around 4 weeks old because he had been found hiding under the bonnet of a car. TC was lucky to be alive as he had travelled over 4 kms in the engine and could so easily have been badly injured or killed. We think he must have used up one of his seven lives that day.

TC is a handsome little boy – sometimes we thought maybe he was just too cute. He always seemed to be overlooked when prospective new owners came to Chats de Chatillon looking for a new kitten to love.

But we are overjoyed to tell you that he has been adopted this week and gone to a loving new home where he will have lots of friends to play with. We are already missing him, but know that he is going to be well looked after and loved forever.

Truffles goes to his new family

Beau was adopted by a lovely family earlier this year after having spent 18 months in our refuge. He is a beautiful loving boy, and last week Beau’s owners returned to choose a companion for him.

What a wonderful decision that was when you look at this adorable photo of Beau and Stitch (formerly called Truffles).

They look so very content together and everyone at Chats de Chatillon is so happy for them.

Mixed emotions

Unfortunately, one of our grand old ladies, our precious Capacine was taken to the vets for the last time. Her passing was so gentle as she slept softly curled up on my lap.

In the short time that we had her she touched everyone’s hearts. Beautiful in character and in looks she was a very special addition to our refuge.
Capacine arrived here aged 15 years and pregnant. But sadly her baby died at just 2 days old. Shortly after Capacine’s arrival her 16 year old mother Chipie joined her. We hoped that they would enjoy some happy years together. However, it was not to be. Capacine was suffering from cancer of the throat which became untreatable.

Because she was in pain, and deteriorating rapidly, we had to make a very difficult decision. And although she has now left us, we find some comfort in knowing that she is reunited with her baby.

Deep sadness

We shall never forget you Capacine. The tears we cry for you, and the deep sadness in our hearts, are the cost of having the wonderful privilege of knowing and loving you.

Capacine’s Mum Chipie is still here at Chats de Chatillon. She seems to be fine at the minute, but we are keeping a close eye on her. We will keep you updated.

As you can probably tell, it has really been a week of mixed emotions for everyone at Chats de Chatillon. Let’s hope that our weekly trip to Delbard’s store in Parthenay, with some of our crazy kittens brings a happier ending to the week.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We could not help all these beautiful animals without you.