Abandoned kitten taken into ‘custody’

People often have a go at the police service, so I would like to share this little story. On Friday (28/09/2020) a tiny 3 week old kitten was found abandoned and taken to the Parthenay Municipale Police station. We understood that she had been taken to the local pound which was closed for the weekend. But then later told that she was not there.

Not long after, we received a call saying the police were on the way over with this tiny bundle of fur.

Sincere thanks

We met the lovely policeman who had taken her home on Friday. He bathed her pus-filled eyes, and fed and cared for her until he could bring her to us. Our deepest and most sincere thanks go to this very kind and gentle man. He saved this kitten’s life, and delivered her safely into our care.

Little Orion has been to the vets because we were very concerned that she wasn’t improving. However, we have followed their recommendations. And we are happy to report that she is now taking a little more feed every day. Because she is such a young kitten, she needs lots of attention and feeds.

Orion needs another check-up in a few days time and we will keep you informed of her progress. If it wasn’t for the police she would have been left to die, lonely and unloved. We are fortunate to have such kind and caring Municipale Police serving our community.