We rescued you Saturday evening. Your sad face was pressed against someone’s window who had called us for assistance. You were trying to get out of the pouring rain, and seeing your ravaged skeletal body, it was irrelevant that our refuge was full.
You spent 2 days in isolation at our refuge – warm, fed and cuddled, yesterday (13/07/2021) we took you to our vet to see what we could do for you.
We suspected you were virus infected, but when you tested positive for both FIV and FeLV we crumbled. Both were advanced. You would have suffered continuous pain even on all the medications. So we made the hardest decision ever.
Whilst I cradled your wrecked body close to mine, Alan gently stroked your head and soothed you with soft words of love.

And as you drifted peacefully away to join our other darling cats that have gone before, we wept tears for you. For the time we hadn’t had together. For the hard life you were born into. For the waste of such a gentle, affectionate soul.
Whether we know these beautiful creatures for just days, or years, the pain in our heart is the same, and each and everyone of them is enveloped in our love.

Run free sweet Jonny. We shall never forget you.