Wonderful news to round off the weekend.

This abandoned boy INKY was adopted from our refuge in December 2020 and went to live in his new home. We received regular updates that he had adapted well, but would not let his new owner stroke him under any circumstances. She loved him very much and hoped in time he would enjoy contact.

8 MONTHS LATER……. we have just received the most fantastic message and his owner is over the moon as he has just allowed her to caress him for the very first time.
She is absolutely delighted, we are so thrilled and I am sure that Inky is pretty chuffed too. What a wonderful owner he has, to have shown so much patience over such a long time. Just allowing Inky to decide when he was ready to be touched. We never really know what these beautiful creatures have suffered before they come to us. But this story makes me want to cry with happiness. We wish them both so many wonderful happy loving years ahead together, and thank you so very very much for caring for this beautiful boy. It’s a match made in heaven.