A car full of wonderful donations!

Thank you so much to all the kind and generous people who left donations of cat food, litter, kitten milk at Ark79 for us. We would also like to personally thank Susan Underhay for the cat food, and Nicola and Tim at Hot Tubs In France for their lovely beds and toys for the kittens. Hot Tubs already sponsor one of our long-term, ‘unadoptables’, and they adopted Benny and Bunny earlier this year. The toys, beddings and cushions they donated will all go into the kitten cabin.

Finally we can’t forget to give a mention to Debbie and Shirley. They do so much ‘behind the scenes’ work for our association, and took a day off to drive over with the donations. They spent a lovely day with us, photographing the cats, and giving each one of our darling cats and kittens their undivided attention. It means so much. Thank you again and bless you all. Without your help and support we just wouldn’t be able to continue.