Team work!


These delightful little boys who were found abandoned in a field and were so young that they needed bottle feeding, have all thrived thanks to the care of their foster families. Now GNOCCHI has joined his new family , GIMLI will be staying with his foster mum and BRIOCHE will be departing shortly with the lady who found them and nursed them through their early days, before reluctantly handing them over to their second ‘mum’ as she was returning to work.

That’s what we call ‘team work’ at its best!

Gnocchi (right), the greediest of the three, already knows how to climb up the table by himself to make sure there are no crumbs left! A big, cuddly guy. Brioche (in the middle), the rascal. Always ahead of his brothers, even when it comes to mischief! Gimli (left), the little talker. He has his own look with his broken tail. He will stay with the 2 cats and the puppy of his second foster family.

These three babies have been so lucky, others are still waiting to find their forever homes. Please have a look at our adoption page and find someone to love.

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