Chats de Chatillon needs your help

Chats de Chatillon desperately need your help because we are struggling to cope with mounting vets bills and more and more abandoned kittens needing our help.
Late on Saturday someone found 4 little kittens abandoned, but sadly there was no way we could take them. We went over with supplies and fortunately the lady who found them is happy to raise them, which is fantastic. But it’s awful at the moment. Even the vet rang and asked if we could take 3 he had rescued 2 weeks ago and couldn’t keep anymore. Sadly again it wasn’t possible.

Our workload at the moment is relentless and we have several ‘famille accueille’ who are waiting for the minute that we get a space for mums and kitties.

We get so many calls each day and it’s heart-breaking. We really need donations because August and September vet bills are totalling more than 4,ooo€. If you can donate even just a few euros we would be so grateful.