Twinkle & Dagoberg

Update 09/11/2023 : THESE TWO STUNNING GREY TABBIES are now 18 months old and are looking for a very special home together. Brother and Sister DAGOBERG and TWINKLE missed out on early chances of adoption following initial diagnosis for FelV, which followed by a more accurate lab test came back definitely negative.

Why are we now looking for a very special home? Because they need time to adapt and learn to trust more. Twinkle is more hand tame, and I can now fuss and pick her up, but Dagoberg remains wary, tolerating a hug in exchange for his dinner ! They are such absolute cats that they really do deserve a chance to blossom.

In a calm, loving home within a secure environment I have no doubt that in time they will both thrive and adapt. We have had other similar cats that have refused all contact, yet with the right person have adapted to being affectionate and beautiful companions.

Reduced adoptions fees apply.