Today I am asking for your help and so would be grateful if you can share this post as far and as wide as possile. It concerns the use of CRYOTHERAPY IN CATS.

We have a dear friend whose beautiful 13 year old cat LEO, an otherwise very healthy puss, has skin cancer on his nose. His ears had to be cut back some years earlier as a preventative measure and has been fine until now.

His vet has recommended CRYOTHERAPY. This is used when traditional surgery is not possible due to difficult anatomic locations, i.e. ears, nose, eyelid, mouth. This method uses liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide or argon gas to freeze and destroy abnormal or infected tissue. It is known that in 11 cases out of 15 the lesion can regrow within 6 months.

DO YOU HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE OR FURTHER KNOWLEDGE OF THIS PROCEEDURE IN PETS? If so, it may help LEO’S owner make an informed decision, in the best interest of her adored cat. Your comments will be noted and very gratefully received. Thank you.