Baby Blue

POOR LITTLE BLUE BABY. This tiny kitten, only 7 months old, was living under wooden pallets and was suffering from a terrible skin infection. Thank you so much Adeline, for saving her life. BLUE was finally caught and taken immediately to our vets. She was such a brave girl when she was treated for her nasty lesions.

Flea infested, and in this immense heat, the irritations must have driven her mad.
We are already in love with this beautiful Siamese cross and although the vet said it would take a long time for her skin to heal, we know she will happily settle into our shelter until she is ready to find a forever home.

Thank you to everyone who has enquired about her and made a donation. We will keep you all updated on her progress. If you would like to make a donation towards Blue’s care and vet bills you can do this securely on the Donations web page.