If you think that this little girl looks sad, you are correct, and she has every reason to be so. TOUTOUNE arrived here a few days ago. She is two years old and she has been badly treated, battered and humiliated. Toutoune was abandoned in an apartment for 3 months without food or water before being thrown on the streets. It is only due to the kindness of certain people that she was able to survive these atrocities. She has spent most of her short life pregnant, every season another litter, giving birth in the street and seeing her babies being run over or thrown into the rubbish bins.

Now this beautiful little lady is safe with us and we promise her that she will never suffer again. The most amazing thing in all this is that she craves affection, the terrible treatment that she has suffered has not destroyed her faith in mankind. If you can offer Toutoune a safe loving forever home and will never let her down, then please contact us.