Two adoptions this week!

Petrole and Maisie, both mature animals who have been with us for several months, have found loving new homes. We cannot tell you how happy these two adoptions make us. We wish them lots of love and happiness in their new homes.

Update on Tilly (previously known as Orion)

More good news is that little Tilly is also making good progress. We will keep you updated but we think this darling little girl, who had been thrown into a garden and left to die, is now over the worst. She is growing into a confident, funny little sweetheart and will soon be available for adoption.

This tiny tot Tilly has really put up a fight for her life. She is now getting stronger and taking her feeds well from a 1 ml syringe.
On the advice of her vet her meals consist of maternelle milk and a tiny drop of Pepsi cola! This gives her a little boost of caffeine and sugar to give added energy to assist her in her battle. She has tottered around for a little while, and now sleeps soundly in her fur tunnel on a covered heat pad to maintain her temperature at 27 degrees.

We are so relieved that she is doing so well and are so very proud of this little poppet. We hope that whoever threw her into a garden and left her to die, unattended and sick, doesn’t sleep well at all.