Dumped in a bottle bank.

We are trying so hard to help this this little trio to rebuild their lives.

TRUFFLES and ROLY, the two boys, are slightly more confident than their sister. Their faces are scarred from the cut glass that they nosed aside to try and find any scraps of food. They are both very heavily infested with worms causing their stomachs to be very distended in spite of their first treatment.

LOCKET has returned from the vets after her operation on her leg. Fortunately it was not broken, but she had suffered a very large abscess that had eventually erupted. A lot of the skin on her leg has died in the process and had to be removed under anaesthetic. She is recovering well but is more reticent than her brothers.

We now know that these poor darlings spent three and a half weeks in and around the bottle bank, living on stale baguette that had been thrown to them. They were severely dehydrated, almost to the point of kidney failure, and their little bodies were soaked from liquids being thrown into the bottle bank.

They have suffered so much in their short lives. So we have promised this beautiful trio that they will never again feel hunger, thirst, fear or pain. If you can help us to keep this promise and would be interested in adopting at a later date, please do not hesitate to contact us.