Saving Sweet Gracie – Updated 26th September 2020

Absolutely thrilled to confirm that GRACIE has been adopted.

She is the most beautiful natured kitten and loves nothing more than to race around with her feline friends. It’s hard to believe that a short time ago she had to have her back leg amputated because she an infected fracture. It’s so lovely to know that Tacha has welcomed her into her home, with her two brother Matthias and Ginger. In fact, we think she has settled in beautifully. What fun and games ahead for her new loving family!

So do you think you could give a kitten or a more mature, quieter cat a loving home? We have many more adorable animals looking for their forever homes and kind, caring families. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about adopting or fostering, or to find out other ways to help save these beautiful felines.

Gracie’s story

August 2020 – Yesterday we welcomed sweet little GRACIE into our hearts and home.

This unwanted kitten, who is only 11 weeks old, was found with a badly damaged paw. Unfortunately, she must have been injured for some time as the bone had become severely infected. It had to be amputated to save her life.
Her general condition is not particularly good, and she is in need of lots of loving care.
The very sad truth of this story is that if she had not been injured she would probably not have been saved. And would have spent her early days in a miserable existence.

Within a few months she would have become a mother herself, passing on her ailments and infections. And so the suffering would have continued. In a way, despite losing her leg she now has a chance of finding that special someone that would like to adopt her, and give her a loving home when she is ready. So many others don’t get that chance.

We will keep you informed on Gracie’s progress. Hopefully she will have a full and speedy recovery.

S.S.S……….Sterilisation Saves Suffering