Rose and Ralph’s Big Delbard Adventure

Our regular Friday outing to Delbard store in Parthenay, and another big adventure for sister and brother Rose and Ralph. Two of the funniest, cutest kittens who are looking for their forever home. This hilarious duo had everyone laughing.

Ralph was being his usual laid-back self, but was obviously too relaxed for his sister Rose, and taking up space that she desperately wanted. So she kicked up a bit fuss, as you can see from the pictures below. Rose’s rants had no effect on Ralph though. And even when she tried to give him a little nudge, he stayed where he was, refusing to budge.

Just look at his face though. He knows exactly what he is doing and is loving every minute of it!

This pretty little comedy duo are really just two softies. They are desperate to find someone to love them. If you would like to adopt one or both of these little darlings, please get in touch.

Come and see Chats de Chatillon every Friday at Delbard, Parthenay !