ROLY would like to say hello. He is feeling much better, although the cuts on his nose still need to finish healing. His appetite is not so manic now, but it has taken some time for him to accept that he will always have food available. Still he sometimes eats at the same bowl as his siblings, it’s as if they think there might only be enough food for one. Slowly they are accepting there is a bowl each and each day brings more progress.

ROLY is no longer so timid and enjoys being caressed. He is a really sweet boy with the most beautiful dark eyes. Now aged 6 months he will soon be sterilised and tested for FIV/FeLV, etc. So he will then be looking for a loving home.
After all that he has been through he will need to feel very secure and be in a calm environment. We think he would probably be very content in an apartment. If you feel that you could offer him what he will need, then please contact us.