POOR LITTLE PUFFIN……………he had been a little off colour for a day or two, and then developed a temperature and stopped eating. He looked very sad just curled up in the corner of his bed.
Only 12 weeks old the vet wasn’t going to take any chances and admitted him for observation.

He was put on a drip to correct slight dehydration and medicated for his symptoms. After 48 hrs we are thrilled that he is now eating and beginning to look for cuddles and fuss with his veterinary nurse.

We thank everyone at the Clinic for taking such good care of him, and even keeping us updated with photos which meant such a lot to us. All being well he will be coming back home tomorrow.

Hopefully his memories of being abandoned and poorly will soon be distant ones and we know that there is a loving home somewhere, just waiting for this gorgeous boy.

Please contact us if you wish to come and meet him.