This stunning little 5 year old girl arrived at our refuge a few days ago. My heart broke when I heard how much she has suffered and the neglect she has experienced. To enter her home and then be violently ejected; to be left alone when she is ill, and to feel frightened to venture into a space where she should receive love not torment.

Chats de chatillon cat refuge. A beautiful grey and beige striped cat lying down on a grey blanket, she has her eyes closed.

Now Poupée is with us and I have promised her that she will never be unwanted again. I have cradled her shaking body in my arms and cursed those who cause such needless suffering to such innocent creatures. She will visit our vets and receive all the treatment that she needs, so that her beautiful eyes will see and be blue again.

If you would like to help this darling girl and sponsor her treatment for whatever small amount that you can afford, please contact us.