PIXIE came to us having been abandoned, and was 4 weeks pregnant. At first she didn’t trust anyone and was extremely protective of the precious bundles she was carrying. As the weeks have progressed she is realising that not everyone is to be feared. She safely delivered 3 beautiful little girls in May, and has been a very proud mum throughout.

Gaining in confidence, and allowing us to share with rearing them. We would love to find Pixie a loving home, where her new owner would show her patience and understanding to help her in adjusting to domesticity. In time we are certain that she will make a very loyal and affectionate companion. Pixie is approximately 1 year old

Updated – 26/09/2020

PIXIE – usually I start off the description of our cats and kittens by saying….’adores cuddles’, ‘gentle and trusting’. But sadly not this time.
When Pixie first came to us she was quite feral, and very pregnant. She did not trust anyone and was quite aggressive. When her babies arrived she was the most wonderful mother, one of the best.
Now the only kitten remaining, Holly, is independent of her and the others have all been adopted. But what about Pixie?

Making progress

This absolutely stunning young cat badly needs to find a home, and she needs someone who will love and understand her. And be prepared to wait patiently whilst she develops into the best companion she can be. I don’t know if she will ever be totally tame, but she has made so much progress it would be such a shame not to give her a chance.
Pixie is very affectionate, adores to play and interacts well. But she can be erratic and will occasionally hit out. We don’t know her history, but she obviously never had the opportunity to be cuddled or loved. She feels threatened by other cats so she would need to be the only cat.

If you feel that you could give her the time and security that she needs whilst she learns to trust, please contact us for an appointment so you can meet this beautiful little firecracker!