Little lives lost and saved

This week has been so very sad as we have heard such awful stories about new born kittens being abandoned at the side of the road, left to die. And of others that have been found on industrial sites. Sadly the angels that found them, also saw that some kittens had not survived.

Thankfully the lucky ones are now with caring foster parents who will love and care for them until they are old enough to be adopted.


These 2 beautiful tabby kittens approximately 4 to 5 weeks old were found amongst pallets at an industrial area in town.

Sadly two of their siblings had been crushed to death. Fortunately for these two though, we have on hand a wonderful foster family – Margot and her mum – ready to take them in. They will be loved and cared for until such time as they are old enough to be adopted, in approximately 5 wks. These little guys look like they will be a handful. Stay strong little ones and live your lives for your siblings too.


These three helpless little babies, only a few days old, had been tied in a bag and left at the roadside. One poor mite had been crushed on the road, but fortunately an angel then found the surviving ones. I cannot imagine the stress that their bereaved mother must be feeling.

They are now in the very safe caring hands of our foster family, Carol and Ian. They will be loved and cared for until they are old enough to be adopted. We pray that they will go from strength to strength. This blessed trio will be available for adoption in approximately 9 weeks time.


This little sweetheart is SPARKY. Isn’t he just so handsome. This gorgeous little boy is approximately 6 or7 weeks old. He is full of mischief and ready for a game. Sparky will be available for adoption in around 3 or 4 weeks time and can be visited at his foster parents only with view to being adopted by appointment only.