How having a pet helps improve your mental health.

“Our body makes chemicals that can drastically effect our mood. Four common chemicals are responsible for feelings of happiness:

✅ Dopamine

✅ Oxytocin

✅ Serotonin

✅ Endorphin

Did you know that you can consciously create opportunities for your body to release these chemicals, increasing your wellbeing, stabilizing mood, improving motivation and increasing connection? See our list of suggestions to DIY your happy chemical kick!”

Excerpt from – Mental Health Awareness

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What better way is there to help improve your mental health than having a pet? They love you unconditionally, and brighten up the dullest day with their funny little antics, and just by being there. I’ve grouped up a few of these wonderful happiness-inducing chemicals so you get the best self-care effects.

  • Activity 1 – Dopamine and Oxytocin – Self-care is simple. Just play with your pets, indoors or outdoors. Their antics will cheer you up no end, and if you’ve got crazy kittens, then there will be lots of Endorphin thrown in too. And maybe some Serotonin if you need to catch them before they demolish your favourite plants!
  • Activity 2 – Dopamine, Oxytocin and Endorphin – A spot of gardening, overseen by your devoted pet
  • Activity 3 – Oxytocin and Endorphin – stretch out on the sofa with your pets (if there’s room!), watch a comedy and eat chocolate.

Tell us your Self-Care Activities

Why not tell us your favourite activities that help you stay mentally and physically fit and healthy? Does having a wonderful, loving pet make a difference to you, or someone you know?

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