Say Hello to Hutch and Finn

Hutch and Finn

These are 2 of our latest arrivals from a litter of 7 kittens and their mum. Hutch and Finn are 3-4 weeks old and utterly adorable. We think the mum had adopted them as her other 5 appear to be about 2 weeks old. She was struggling to feed them all which isnt surprising and the little ones were suffering. This meant top-up milk feeds for all.

Unfortunately, being absolutely full to bursting we had to keep them all for several days in a large dog crate in the barn. Although warm and comfortable it was only to be temporary as mum would need to stretch her legs and have a break. But today with a lot of moving around we have managed to vacate a cabin and enclosure for them. They are settling in well and the tiniest are making good progress. We will bring you family photos tomorrow.

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