We cannot stop smiling.

We cannot stop smiling.. a few days ago we were contacted by Lunuel Kuster from HOUAL’S FOOD online pet shop. Lunuel had recently taken over the business, heard about the work we do and asked if he could donate a few sacks of cat croquettes to help the refuge.
Although it sounds like an offer too good to refuse, when the refuge is full, if the food is not a good standard then it can cause seriously ‘messy’ problems. But Lunuel assured us that the food was of premium quality, so we accepted his offer to try it.
Yesterday morning Lunuel and his partner Cassandra, arrived at the refuge with almost 50 bags of croquettes in the car. Alan and I were absolutely speechless for a change.

Darling Rosie was first on the scene and being the cheeky little madam that she is, she made sure she was first in line for free tastings.
We just can’t believe our luck. They are such genuinely kind people and told us they have also donated animal feed to the Red Cross so they could distribute to people who cannot afford to feed their pets.
Thank you so much Lunuel, Cassandra and HOURAL’S FOOD. We wish you every success for the future. If cats could speak our darling brood would be very vocal in recommending your delicious cat croquettes !
Please check out their website and visit their Facebook page – Houral’s Food