Update on Tommy, our refuge mascot

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and best wishes for Tommy.
He was due to have an operation on Monday morning (17/12/2021), but when the vet opened up the area around the necrotic femur, it was so swollen and inflamed that the surgeon could not continue. Tommy is now back home and very proud of his bandages. He will return to the vet on another day to be reassessed and we can discuss the best way forward for him.

We have to proceed with caution as amputation must be the very last resort. He is now on some very good, but expensive, painkillers. They last about a month and are normally used for animals with cancer, as they do not affect the organs.

Tommy will continue for a few months and then see a specialist as this would mean amputation. And with his pelvis already fractured and overlapping, he won’t be able to support it. So we need to take it easy, keep him pain free, and make very careful decisions. Thanks again to you, dear friends, and we will keep you posted. Here is an old but precious photo of Tommy being cheeky. Of, if only we could go back in time…

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