Felix the chatterbox !

“My name is FELIX and I love to talk
I say ‘hi’ in the morning, then chat ’till dark.
I’m 2 years old, lightweight but fit
I can make you laugh when I go on a bit!

If you just say the word then I will be ready and packed
With my health certificates all intact.
I promise that you will love me so much
You’ll be thankful you didn’t leave me down on my luck”.

Happy chap

Felix is 2 years old and has spent all his life with us since we rescued him as a tiny kitten. He had been dumped on the country lane just behind our garden with his tiny brothers and sisters by a local farmer. They were all in a sad condition with badly infected eyes, runny noses and their little ears caked black with mites. In time with lots of loving care they began to thrive, but little Felix, the runt of the litter remained very vulnerable and weak. Even with a colossal appetite he was tiny, and never seemed to grow or put on weight. But he was such a happy little chap. Always telling you a story about something or other and out playing with his mates.

Now two years on and he is a beautiful cat. He gained weight eventually, and still eats constantly – providing its Felix sachets. He will have his fill and then follow you around telling you that he needs more. He is so persistent that we often give in. Felix is affectionate but not a cuddly puss. He loves to be out and about in the garden, and enjoys nothing more than holding a long conversation with you, walking beside you like a pup.

He is a wonderful character and will keep you entertained. If you are looking for a cat that is that little bit different and very bright, then Felix is your boy.