Wonderful reviews!

As well as our Facebook page and website, our association is also registered on Google. We did this because we that if people we searching for animal refuges, then they would find our contact details and directions easily. Unfortunately, because of our workload, we struggled to keep it updated and our website also needed an overhaul. Two people were recommended to us and from the very first conversations with them, we knew they were going to be able to update and simplify our technical processes. And we couldn’t be more pleased. Rob Smith (Rob Smith IT and Website Design) upgraded our website to a newer, speedier, less clumsy version. Then Shirley Atkinson (Freelance Software and Website Testing) kindly volunteered to work with Rob to create the content and set up the ‘adoption’ posts. They’re a great team and we now have a much improved online presence.

Darling Ember is still looking for his forever home

Google reviews

However, when Shirley took over managing the Google Business area, that is when we began to see an even bigger difference. She shares the photos and stories I write on Facebook onto the Google page and also adds details of our events. The result is that calls about adoptions have steadily increased, and we are also getting some wonderful reviews!

wonderful reviews chats de chatillon cat refuge

Our refuge is being noticed and we are just so grateful. Not just to Rob and Shirley, but to our fantastic volunteers, and all the lovely people that take the time to write such beautiful words. It makes everything so worthwhile, and just wanted to share some with you.

View our Google Business Page – and while you are there, would you please be so kind as to leave a review? The better the reviews, the higher Chats de Chatillon cat refuge is displayed in Google searches, and more people can find us. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

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