DOMINO – After weeks of treatment following the operation at the vets to remove a wheat grain from his eye, we can now see the outline and slightly blurred details of his left eye. We hope that this adorable little boy rescued from the farm will regain some sight. You can see on the photo on the left just how sore his eye was when he came to us. This poor baby must have been in absolute agony. Fortunately, his right eye was not affected and in a few more weeks he will be available for adoption. He has had such a sorry start in life, but now he is making such good progress and he will hopefully find a loving home in the near future.

It’s your very generous donations that enable us to pay the vet bills for so many rescues who come to us and need urgent care. Thank you from all of us.

If you are interested in adopting Domino you can call to make an appointment with a view to reserving him when he is available in a few weeks time.