Updated 21/12/2021

YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT! – Yesterday CLEOPATRA and ANNIE went off together to an absolutely wonderful home and our hearts are ready to explode with love and joy.
Their new foster mum, Anne, will look after them indefinitely after “un coup de coeur” and we are already amazed by the news of Cleopatra’s early progress. As soon as we met Anne, we knew she was the one who would give Cleopatra the chance of a loving home. And Annie was overjoyed to have been chosen to accompany her and help her adjust. What an absolutely wonderful outcome!

It is easy to imagine a shelter full of beautiful cats and kittens, pretty, playful, and patiently waiting for someone to come and get them. The reality is very different. Many of them have lived in fear and danger, struggling to survive, and unable to trust humans.

This week, I am going to introduce you to some of those who have been marked in one way or another. These cats are not for adoption, but for long-term foster care, so there is no adoption fee. Over time, when we are happy that they are with the right person, they will become your pet. Our ideal criteria would be a quiet, safe and extremely loving home. You’ll have our support from the start, so you won’t have to worry about anything.
Our first darling cat is Cleopatra. She was born around September 2019 and came to us in the early summer of 2020. She was still a kitten but she arrived with 2 of her own and also took on 4 other orphans. Cleopatra is absolutely beautiful with her green eyes and grey coat. Her self-confidence is slowly improving to the point that she will now take treats from our hand. She communicates with us, but still loves her space. It’s as if she wants to be close, but doesn’t know how. Cleo is still young and will continue to gain confidence and forge a very special relationship with the right person.
Cleopatra is sterilised, id tagged, tested negative for FIV / FeLV and vaccinated.