Another week of sadness and joy

Rescues and adoptions

We have rescued 10 cats that all need sterilising, identifying, testing for FIV /FeLV and vaccinating. Theirs is a very sad story because they had a kind caring owner, but unfortunately she has had to go into a care home. She obviously loved them very much as they are extremely well cared for. Luckily for the cats we have saved them from being homeless on the streets of Parthenay. None of the other, bigger cat rescue associations were willing to take them, and even though we are struggling with space and funding we could not see them abandoned.

Amazingly though, two of these beautiful animals have already been adopted – Nougat, a pretty little part-Siamese, and Blanche, with her stunning white coat and different coloured eyes. Both have gone to wonderful new homes this week. And we have two other appointments arranged this week to view some of the others.

Another adoption that has made our hearts burst with joy is that of one of our long-term residents, Ophelie. She has been in the refuge for 2 years since she was brought in as a kitten. She has never liked human contact, but responds well when you take the time to talk to her. With the right family she will blossom fully and accept love and affection easily. Ophelie will be leaving us today (31/03/2021) to start her new life and I truly believe in my heart that she has found her “Shangri-La”. Moments like these are so precious and it is what drives us to do what we do to save these lovely creatures.

Ophelie chatsdechatillon
Beautiful Ophelie goes to her new home today after 2 years in our refuge

We need your help

Refuges cannot survive without help from kind people. This week we desperately need your help. The costs for having so many animals to take to the vets for sterilising, id-tagging, testing for FIV /FeLV and vaccinating are astronomical and have seriously depleted our funds. Not to mention the additional food that they all need. So please, if you can spare anything at all towards their treatments, please visit our website to make a secure monetary donation. Every single euro will help us to help them and all the others that are abandoned and brought into our refuge.

Thank you for all your help

Judy & Alan Lewis. Chats de Chatillon refuge