A busy week for the refuge

Judy and some of our wonderful volunteers are at Delbard, Parthenay every week with beautiful kittens for you to meet. And we shall also have some bric-a-brac and books to sell, to raise urgently needed funds to help with ever-mounting veterinary costs.

In one day alone this week we took 11 cats and kittens to the vets for vaccinations, identity chips, and medical treatment. We also have the bill to pay for the amputation of Gracie’s leg.
Gracie is doing really well and racing around like a greyhound. It is amazing how resilient she is. She is an absolute darling.

Today, although we are at full capacity, we took in a young mum and her 7 very young kittens that need topping up with bottle feeding as it is too many for her to cope with.

Two of the new mum’s kittens are Hutch and Finn, but we think she may have adopted them because they are older than the other five kittens.

Hutch and Finn

Hutch and Finn

Because she has been trying to feed all seven kittens she was tired. And she was not producing enough milk for all of them. We are hand-feeding some and now, hopefully, they will all survive. Any donations however small will be very much appreciated.

Thank you