This poor 7 month old kitten was badly bitten on the ears by another cat when she was just a baby. Large abscesses formed on both ears and then burst because she received no treatment. We can’t imagine the pain she had to endure. Fortunately, her hearing was not affected, but her ears will remain deformed.
Bonnie is a pretty tabby with beautiful big eyes, but she has suffered so much in her short lifetime. This poor little love was wandering as a stray until someone took pity on her, and took her to the vets for treatment.

She was covered in fleas and ticks, and suffering badly from worm infestation. Her ears were also badly infected with scabies. A very kind lady, who is sadly unable to give BONNIE a permanent home, did make sure that she received the emergency treatment that she badly needed.

Because of the attack, Bonnie is still very scared of other cats and we are looking for a home where she would be the only one. She is extremely affectionate, almost overcome when shown love, which can lead to her giving you a little nip. We will be looking for a quiet home; somewhere she can can be given time to heal her inner wounds, and to feel safe, secure and loved. Her ears may need treatment from time to time, but at the moment all infection has completely cleared up.

If you are interested in adopting Bonnie, or any of our other beautiful creatures then please contact us.