As predicted, the last few weeks we have had calls day and night asking if we can pick up families of kittens that have been abandoned at the side of the road, dumped in bins or tied in sacks and left to die. Thankfully we have several wonderfully caring foster families who between them will ensure that these tiny souls will get all the love, care and nourishment that they need. And in a few short weeks they should all be available for adoption. some have already been reserved, but at the time of writing all of these babies are still available.

Blessed trio

These three helpless little babies, only a few days old, had been tied up in a bag and left by the side of the road. One of them had been run over on the road, but luckily a thoughtful lady stopped to check on them. I can’t imagine the stress their grieving mother must be feeling.
They are now in the very safe hands of our foster family, Carol and Ian, where they will be loved and cared for until they are old enough to be adopted.
This blessed trio will be available for adoption in approximately 9 weeks. We pray that they go from strength to strength.

Update 10/06/2021 – Sadly the smallest of the trio, Dylan, was just too weak to survive, but his siblings, Jaffa and Alfie, will fight on in his memory. RIP sweet Dylan, you were dearly loved.

Update 23/07/2021 – Jaffa and Alfie have been adopted !

Hadés and Simba

How could you not instantly fall in love with these two absolutely gorgeous little boys? They have been living a wonderful kitten life with our experienced foster family but they are now with us and available for adoption


This totally adorable little girl is now available for adoption in. Grey and white, with a little angel face, Smokey likes to assert her authority over her siblings, Charcoal and Ember. They probably give in to her because she is so sweet.
All our cats and kittens can be booked in advance. If you would like to arrange a visit to see Smokey for adoption, please contact us.


A lovely little black and white boy who loves to cuddle. If you are looking for a lap cat, this is the one for you! Charcoal is available for adoption now, and can be seen and booked by appointment with the refuge. Please contact us if you would like to see any of our cats or kittens.

Update – 23/07/2021 Charcoal has been adopted !


What an absolutely exquisite little boy he is. Very sweet and probably the shyest of super mum Charlotte’s litter. Ember now for adoption and would love to meet you. Please call to arrange an adoption visit.

Nellie, Tammie, Cissie and Dolly

Abandoned in a cardboard box, these 4 beautiful little tabby girls are now safe with us. The trust they have is just heart-breaking and it never gets better. Unfortunately, our shelter is now at breaking point, and we desperately need to find loving homes for our kittens who are ready for adoption.

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